From: PoliteMail Account Services Team
Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2018 8:33 AM
Subject: An Important Message from PoliteMail
Importance: High

To our valued customers:

Thank you for your business, but we are no longer in marketing software business.

We are officially halting support for the PoliteMail for Outlook marketing software you have been using.

As you have most likely realized, we stopped updating this edition of the software four years ago, as we shifted our business to enterprise employee communications.

The marketing edition you have is not compatible with Outlook 2016 or Office365, and we have no plans to update it.

Any credit purchases made in March have already been refunded back to you.

You may continue to consume your credits and send email until April 15, when the last of our host33 servers will be decommissioned.

Please export your mailing lists, opt-outs, reports and any other data you need prior to that time.

While we have never used these other products, you may find they provide you with similar functionality:

Thanks again, and best wishes in your own business endeavors.

The PoliteMail Account Services Team